Is Grass/Mulch Painting safe for the environment?

Yes. Grass/Mulch Painting is non-toxic, nonflammable and water-based. There is nothing in our products that are harmful to the environment in any way. In fact, by using our Grass/Mulch Paint instead of replacing faded mulch you'll be saving precious natural resources used in the production and transporting of mulch products, and that is something to feel good about!

Grass and Mulch FAQs

Will painting my grass/mulch harm my plants?

Not at all! Grass/Mulch Painting is a water-based formula that is completely safe and free from harsh chemicals that could damage your plants, trees or shrubs. By simply spraying your existing plants with fresh water, prior to applying the Grass/Mulch Paint. You'll be certain the color only adheres to surfaces you want to have rich, long lasting color. 

Is our paint and application really better than other companies ?

Without a doubt! In order to stay ahead of the curve we've tested every other brand of paint and application available on the market. Bias aside, many products and applications claim to achieve the same results that B.A.C. does yet that simply isn't the case. 

Is Grass/Mulch Painting safe for my pets?

Of course! Grass/Mulch Painting has no harmful ingredients to pets or any other wildlife

Is Grass/Mulch Painting really paint?

The short answer is no. Grass/Mulch Painting is completely natural and contains no paint whatsoever. Our proprietary blends of Carbon and Iron Oxide are what provide long lasting colors that help protect your existing or new mulch or pine straw. Our paint, however functions very much like paint for natural surfaces such as grass, pine straw and mulch. No other product on the market has our special blend of all-natural ingredients that allows our paint to out-last and out perform any other product.